The Projects 2005-2012
Apocalypse 2008-2012
New York 1994-2008
Happenings, Actions 1962-2016
This book is the result of our work since 2012. It starts from early photo happenings made by Valera Cherkashin in Ukraine in the 1960s, continues through the post soviet time and our happenings in Moscow metro station Revolutionary Square. Since 1994 we were able to travel out of Russia and did a number of actions as a reaction to the new places and circumstances.
​This is the first volume of five. 28x33 cm.
Includes 254 pages, 1280 images
How I was a Real Artist
This book includes early drawings, paintings, watercolors, tempera, etchings and lithograph by Valera Cherkashin.
It shows the unique development of the artist, deliberately abandoning the formal education, who searched an independent way of developing his artistic skills.
It discribes the need for an intuitive search for teachers and shows what kind of strong, beautiful and brilliant people are found on this interesting way.
​This is the first volume of five. 28x33 cm.
Includes 410 pages,
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